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Jonas Holmström, M. Pol.Sc., ph.d. student

I work at Hanken. More precisely in the research group Open Access Communication for Science (OACS).

Department of Management and Organisation
Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration (HANKEN)
PB 479, FIN 00101 Helsinki, Finland

Research interests etc.

- I am writing my dissertation about RePEc. Here is a brief and slightly very out of date version of research plan. As it stands now it is more Classic-ANT than After-ANT.

- I'm also the editor of NEP-SOG which is a current awareness service about the sociology of economics.

- Actor-Network Theory, Sociology of Calculation, Ethnography

- Economics of scientific communication/publishing, e-print servers, institutional repositories etc

- Jan Velterop once told me that Jonas actually is the acronym for the Journal Of Nature And Society, which never saw the light of day. The name was so suitably actor–networkish that I could not resiste registering it.

Jonas Holmström wishing he was smoking a cigar.

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